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If you live in Florida, then you know that the summers can be brutally hot and humid. Keeping your lawn green and healthy during these months can be a challenge, particularly if you don’t have a sprinkler system. Having a sprinkler system installed by H2O Experts in Central Florida and Sarasota can ensure that your yard stays looking green and vibrant all year long! A properly designed and installed watering system will also help you save money on your water bill each month. Our systems will last decades, and we stand behind our work. We use nothing but quality commercial-grade parts, including Hunter and Rain-Bird heads, valves, timers, and rain sensors.

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Different sprinkler head type

Pop-up Sprinklers

Pop-up systems use a sprinkler head that pops up out of the ground when it is ready to be used. It then disperses water throughout the lawn. The irrigation piping remains hidden underground out of sight. The sprinkler itself will retract into the ground when watering is complete.

sprinkler drip system installed in Florida

Drip Systems

Drip irrigation is a good way to water plants in areas with many different types of plants. This type of irrigation gives you control over how much water each plant gets. This helps you save water and prevents plants from dying.

Rain and an umbrella, sensors stop sprinklers when they get wet

Rain Sensors

A rain sensor is a device that tells your sprinkler timer how much rain has fallen. If it has rained enough, the sensor will tell the timer not to run the next cycle. This can save you a lot of money on your water bill and helps you not to waste water.

About Sprinkler Systems

Yard sprinkler systems come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. They can be mounted on the ground or on a wall, and they can be controlled manually or with a timer. The most common type of sprinkler system is a sprinkler head that sprays water in a circular pattern. These sprinklers are often used in large lawns or gardens. Sprinklers can save you time and money by automatically watering your lawn on a regular basis. This means that you won’t have to spend hours hand-watering your lawn every week, and you don’t have to worry about your plants and grass dying.

Pop-Up Sprinklers

Pop-up sprinklers are a very popular choice when it comes to lawn irrigation. These sprinklers feature underground piping to deliver water to the sprinkler head. These sprinkler heads stay hidden underground until your sprinkler system turns on and they pop out of the ground to begin watering. A system like this keeps your yard looking clean without hoses and other visible watering parts, unlike other systems that are kept above the ground. A pop-up sprinkler can be set to water specific areas, so you aren’t wasting water, as well.

Drip System and Micro Irrigation

Another type of sprinkler system is a drip system, which delivers water directly to the roots of plants. Perfect for potted plants or planter beds that aren’t easily accessible and you don’t want to hand water. These heads are very handy for areas that are hard to reach, and you don’t want water spraying all over to access them

This type of system is often used in climates where water conservation is important. No matter what type of sprinkler system you choose. It’s important to make sure that it meets the needs of your specific yard. Consider the size of your lawn, the type of plants you have, and your local climate when selecting a sprinkler system.

Benefits of Drainage:

  • Save water
  • Grass will be greener and healthier
  • Green grass all year long
  • Yard is evenly watered
  • Create a beautiful yard
  • Water at scheduled times
  • Take the guess work out of watering amounts

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